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Welcome to the Karagiannis Lab

Cancer chemotherapy offers short-term clinical benefits to many cancer patients, and yet it comes with detrimental side-effects on both  primary and secondary lymphoid organs, leading to localized and systemic suppression of antitumor immunity. In-depth understanding of the mechanistic underpinnings behind chemotherapy-mediated modifications of these tumor and immune cell microenvironments will lead to promising pharmacological interventions in the course of metastatic progression. To answer this complex research question repertoire, our creative team operates in a multidisciplinary environment, in which we actively develop transgenic and xenograft mouse models of various solid carcinomas, and utilize advanced microscopy (i.e. multiplex and high-throughput immunofluorescence, multiphoton intravital imaging, and electron microscopy) and digital pathology, to investigate the contextual prerequisites of chemotherapy-mediated lesions in primary/secondary lymphoid organs, which promote the metastatic cascade.

Our laboratory is nested under the wing of the Albert Einstein Cancer Center, the Cancer Dormancy & Tumor Microenvironment Institute, and the Department of Microbiology & Immunology at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine (AECOM). It is a highly diverse environment, dedicated to quality research and education for the next generation of basic, translational and clinical scientists from all over the world.

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